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How To Roll A Joint Like A Pro

So, you want to learn how to roll a joint like a pro

Rolling lets you get creative, with endless possibilities for mix-and-matching strains and flavors.

Rolling a cannabis joint is also a great way to enjoy your weed, but it can be difficult getting the hang of it, especially if you’re new to smoking cannabis. There are tons of different ways to roll a perfect joint, so we’re going to show you the easiest way to roll a joint.

Tightly rolled joints are a mark of skill and finesse; the more you can roll your marijuana into a perfect little cylinder, the better job you’ve done. Here’s a breakdown of what you need to know about how to roll a joint:

What You'll Need To Roll A Joint

A pack of rolling papers: The more papers you have, the easier it will be. You’ll likely not get it right on your first try, so it’s important to have plenty of papers to practice with.

A weed grinder: The grinder is optional if you don’t mind some extra effort in tearing apart buds with your hands or scissors.

Your favorite kind of marijuana: You can always use our Phoenix marijuana delivery service to get the fresh herb you need delivered to your door!

A baggy with a seal: You will need to keep freshly ground cannabis in a baggy with an airtight seal. Trust us though, it will make it way easier with finely ground weed.

Cutter/Scissors. You’ll need a sharp tool for cutting your filters and rolling papers.

Crutch: If you don’t have anything that can act as a crutch already, it’s probably best to grab something before beginning. Crutches are definitely optional though.

Filter: Although not necessary for all joints, having a filter in your joint is good for helping keep ash and debris out of your mouth during smoking.

Matches or Lighter: Get ready to spark up once you’ve mastered how to roll a joint!

Step-by-Step Guide For How To Roll A Joint

A joint is typically rolled using rolling papers and some form of cannabis. The most common form of cannabis is a weed, but other types of cannabis are available, such as hash, kief, and bubble hash, which you can use to add to your joints.

There are three types of joint rolling techniques. The first is the classic ‘kingsize’ technique which involves rolling a standard size J into a tight little tube which is then opened out to create a J-shaped foil-like structure.

The second is the ‘W’ roll, which sees you take a classic J and roll it in half so that the two ends form two W shapes. These are then rolled out to form a standard-sized joint.

The third method is the ‘crutch’ method, this technique sees you rolling both ends of the joint into a crutch shape, and these are then rolled out to become an elongated cone shape.

Step #1

Grind up your weed with your grinder inside your baggy. You want to use a medium grind for rolling joints. It will work just fine for joints as long as it isn’t too fine (powdery). If you grind up too much, it can be hard to wrap the joint properly, and too little, and it will fall apart when you try to smoke it.

Once you’ve got your ground-up weed in the baggy, seal it and shake it around a bit. You want all your weed pieces to be evenly ground up so that they burn evenly when rolled into the joint paper.

Step #2

A crutch is a filter you can make from anything, but thin cardboard, dollar bill, or business cards are solid go-to’s. A lot of joint papers also include crutch material with their packaging.The crutch is arguably the essential part of making a joint, but it’s also the easiest.

First, take your cardboard and make a few “accordion” folds at the end. Then, roll it up tightly to the desired thickness of your joint. If you want, you can also add in some more crutch material to further stabilize your joint.

Step #3

Now comes the best part: packing the joint. We’ll start with the bottom of the joint first: take your paper and fold it in half, lengthwise, so that it resembles a crease.

Then take one end of the paper and fold it up onto the crease. Now take your finger and push it down on the top part of the folded paper until it sticks with tension onto itself; this should create a cone shape in your paper.

Now grab some shakes or buds and fill this oval-shaped area with them. You want them to be pressed down pretty hard but not spilling out of either end of the rolling paper, or this step will be wasted work.

It’s essential to fill your joint with just the right amount of weed. Too much and it will be hard to roll, but too little and your joint will seem like a waste of paper.

As the name suggests, joint rolling papers are explicitly used for rolling joints. Joint papers come in many sizes but generally range from 1 ½” to 2 ¼” in length.

Most joint papers are thin and narrow, making them easy to roll up with small bits of marijuana, making them challenging to handle.

Step #4

Once you’ve got your joint looking how you want it, it’s time to move on to the next step. Gently pinch one end and hold it in place as you begin to spin the joint, rolling it in your fingers as you go so that it forms a cylinder shape.

Once this is done, you can remove your fingertips from the end and finish rolling the rest of the way with just your thumbs.

If you’re still having trouble, you can use a little bit of water or rubbing alcohol to help get the paper moist enough to roll. The main thing is to make sure there aren’t any holes in the paper.

If there are, gently push some shake into the hole by pushing it through with the end of your crutch (if you made one).

Step #5

The rolling process is almost complete. At this point, most people will finish the joint by packing the tip. This is done to ensure that the end of the joint burns evenly. A pen is a good option if you’re on the go, but if not, try using anything that can pack down the herb.

You can use the tip of your shoelace, your hoodie drawstring (or anything else with an end), or a small stick. Just be sure to twist it closed once you’ve made sure everything is packed in tightly. Light up and enjoy!


If you want to join the ranks of the many people who smoke marijuana with joints, learn how to roll a joint like a pro by reading this article and practicing until your joints are perfect. The main thing here is to roll joints that don’t burn unevenly or fall apart in your hand.

If you like your joints potent, many people like to add concentrates mixed in with their weed. Maybe try putting a little fresh rosin in yours once you get the hang of it for a hard hitting joint you’ll love!

Keep in mind that your first few joints won’t be perfect until you’ve mastered the art (if you ever do), but after a few tries, you’ll be taking drags with ease.