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Weed Delivery Phoenix, AZ

Our Phoenix weed delivery service is coming soon to medical patients throughout the valley!

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We Bring Premium Quality Cannabis Right To Your Door!

We’ll be launching our Phoenix delivery service in the coming weeks. Stay tuned for more updates and product drops once we launch.

Our weed delivery service will enable medical cannabis patients to order from the comfort of their own homes, instead of fighting long lines and traffic on Phoenix highways.

We offer a range of highly effective products ranging from Pre Rolls to Concentrates, and our focus is to give our patients an outstanding experience with every delivery.

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All Your Favorite Cannabis Products

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Cannabis Edibles

From highly potent medical grade edibles to recreational, we have the delicious, hard hitting edibles you need to dose up for the day!

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From fresh pressed rosin to shatter and budder, our concentrates are sure to bring you powerful medicine in an easy to consume form.

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Fresh Flower

Our most popular weed delivery item in the Phoenix, AZ area are our 1/8ths of top shelf flower. We always have highly potent strains available like Gorilla Glue, Wedding Cake and more!

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Vape Carts

Medicate on the go with our premium assortment of vape carts from the states top producers. They're the perfect combination of high THC and portability.

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Whether it's salves, creams or pain patches, our topical cannabis products make it easy and safe to get the THC you need in your system fast!

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Pre Rolls

Our customers love our potent pre rolls that come in strains like Gorilla Glue, Wedding Cake Runtz and more! Take your medicine on the go and share it with friends with our premium pre rolls.

Benefits of Phoenix Weed Delivery

We get it, we’re all busy here in Phoenix and we don’t want to spend hours of our lives waiting in lines, traffic etc just to get our medication every week or month. When you choose Phoenix Weed Delivery there are a number of benefits:

Comfort: If you’re anything like many of our medical patients, you’re battling issues with pain. Sitting in your car in traffic in 100 degree heat isn’t going to help your situation. Neither will sitting in an uncomfortable dispensary waiting room chair just to get your cannabis. Even if you’re not suffering from pain it’s not an ideal experience. Lett us deliver your weed direct to your door so you can relax on your couch and spend more time doing what you love!

Privacy: We know the stigma surrounding cannabis use has been reduced over the past decade, but that doesn’t mean everyone is comfortable letting it be known they’ree a cannabis user. Avoid uncomfortable situations being seen by coworkers, family members or bosses entering a dispensary and let our discreet weed delivery drivers bring your medicine to you. You’ll have zero chance of being seen when you use our service.

Get Your Time Back: You’re already giving up 8-10 hours of your day, 5 days a week for work, why waste those precious out of work hours commuting to a dispensary and waiting in long lines? We’re sure there are better uses for your time like hanging with friends, enjoying your hobbies or playing with your kids. Let us deliver weed, and hours of your life back!

Give our cannabis delivery service a try today, and you may never go back to the dispensary again!

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Why Choose Our Weed Delivery Service?

There are a variety of factors to think about when choosing your Phoenix delivery service. Here’s why we know you should choose us for your next cannabis delivery:

Quality: We only source our marijuana products from established brands that have a track record of success. We carefully vet supplier of our edibles, concentrates etc. to make sure the quality of everything we provide is to the standard we hold ourselves to. Our flower is sourced from the top cultivators in the state.

Speed: Centrally located near downtown Phoenix, AZ, we’re never too far from our beloved customers. As we continue to grow, we’ll make it our top priority to bring on additional delivery drivers to ensure we get the weed you need to you fast!

Safety: Each of our products from concentrates to edibles, are rigorously tested by third party labs to ensure your cannabis comes with no harmful chemicals or toxins. It’s our job to protect our customers and it’s something we take very seriously.


Start your delivery order today and see what it’s like to be served by the best weed delivery service in Phoenix!

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Weed Delivery Phoenix FAQ

We get asked a lot of questions about our weed delivery service in Phoenix, AZ. Here are some of the msot frequently asked questions and answers below.

Do You Deliver To Recreational Marijuana Customers?

No. Recreational marijuana delivery is not legal in Arizona yet. All potential customers are required to have an arizona medical marijuana card issued by the state to order delivery from our service.

Although it’s likely to change within the next two years as new rules are put in place for the recreational market, it’s not the case now.

Once we launch we will have a system for onboarding new patients via email. You’ll need to provide a copy of your id and medical marijuana certification before placing an order with our team. 

Can We Be Notified When Recreational Marijuana Delivery In Phoenix Is Available?

Definitely! You can add your information below to get on the waiting list for when we begin offering weed delivery in Phoenix. Until then, we recommend continuing to pick up your cannabis from your local dispensary.

We will be offering special promotions once we launch for all of the people on the waiting list, so get on it now to secure your spot to take advantage of our grand opening deals.

For now be sure to check out our blog articles like How to Roll a Joint, How to Roll a Blunt or How to Make Weed Butter. We’ll have more cannabis articles coming soon!

What Types of Cannabis Products Do You Deliver?

Once we launch we’ll have a full menu of marijuana delivery products to choose from. We will be offering a range of products including:

  • Vape Cartridges
  • Pre Rolls in Various Sizes
  • Concentrates Like Rosin, Shatter and Wax.
  • Edibles
  • Flower in Eighths and Quarters
  • Topical Cannabis Products 
  • Marijuana Seeds and Clones From Our Partners Phoenix Seeds & Clones

What Areas Of Phoenix Do You Deliver To?

Once we launch our Phoenix weed delivery service, we’ll be covering the entire phoenix area. As we grow our partnerships we will be expanding beyond Phoenix and covering areas like:

  • Tempe, AZ
  • Scottsdale, AZ
  • Chandler, AZ
  • Mesa, AZ
  • Gilbert, AZ
  • Glendale, AZ
  • More to Come

How Will I Order My Cannabis Products?

Once we’re ready to launch, our full menu will be available on our website. You will be able to navigate our menu of products, make your selection, and checkout on the website.

Our delivery driver will drive to you location with your products and you will pay for them with cash when he or she arrives. We will soon be taking debit transactions, but there will likely be a $3 fee peer transaction.

Is Your Phoenix Weed Delivery Free?

Yes! You’ll be able to order from the comfort of your home and have your cannabis products delivered straight to your door with zero fees.

You’ll be able to enjoy the same pricing that you would pay at the dispensary without the hassle of long lines and traffic.

Pickup will also be a possibility if you would like to get some of our exclusive products by stopping by our dispensary locations.

Phoenix Weed Delivery Zip Code List

















































Phoenix Neighborhoods Served

Downtown Phoenix

North/Northwest Phoenix

Central City

Camelback East Village

South Mountain Village

Desert Ridge

North Mountain Village


Point Tapation

Arcadia Cove

West Phoenix

Desert Park West



Tatum Ranch

Lookout Mountain

Mountain Park Ranch


Colonia Del Sol

Villa De Paz

Paradise Valley

Anywhere Else In Phoenix

We Love Our City. Phoenix Is Our Home!

From hiking Camelback Mountain to strolling through the Desert Botanical Garden or catching an Arizona Diamondbacks game at Chase Field, there a tons of great things to do while high in Phoenix!

Our city is full of vibrant people and we look forward to serving all of you with reliable, safe and top quality weed delivery in Phoenix, AZ. Find us on the web at any of our social profiles.

Phoenix Weed Delivery Blog

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